Terms and Conditions

When does Signal Link work?

  • - TradingView Alert Service must be online
  • - Binance API must be online and not reaching the API Limits
  • - Microsoft Azure Cloud services must be online. I´ve implemented a georedundant node
  • - Order processing must be started within 30 Seconds after Signal Link recieved the signal, otherwise it will not be started. You can see it in the logs.
  • - User´s cloud power account have to be filled

What does Signal Link do?

  • - Incomming signals from users are parsed and added to a fifo service queue, from there the API calls are processed.
  • - Services will upscale at heavy load
  • - Binance is the bottleleck here, never hit the limits while testing. Futher monitoring will be implemented.
  • - Signal Link is going to round the amount to a LOT size. It´s mandatory for the API calls.
  • - Website is only for management and has nothing to do with order processing functions. It´s limited with cpu power per hour.
  • - Calculate cloud power needed from user

What is Signal Link not doing?

  • - Create trading signals by itself


  • - User is aware of the accompanying risks of possessing, trading and using crypto currencies and takes full responsibility for these risks.

Registration and personal account

  • - If you want to use our Website and Software, go to https://www.Signal-Link.com. You will need to register and create a personal account in order to use the Website and Software.
  • - You must protect the login details of your account and keep your password strictly secret. We will assume that all actions taken from your account are done by you or under your supervision.
  • - You agree to provide up-to-date, complete and accurate information on your account. You agree to promptly update your personal account when necessary, so that we can contact you if needed.

Offers and prices

  • - All offers and free trials on the Website are without obligations. However, all offers and free trials are always subject to these Terms.
  • - The prices on the Website do not include taxes and expenses.
  • - We can always adjust our prices. The price change will take effect immediately.

Subscription and payment

  • - Price is calculated in cloud power. Every user get 1000 free cloud power for testing the beta.
  • - Payment system is not active at the moment.


  • - Signal-Link respects your privacy and anticipate the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). When you make use of our Website and Software, we will collect certain personal data from you. In our Privacy Policy you can read which personal data we collect and for what purposes. You can find our privacy policy here: https://www.signal-link.com/Home/Privacy

Fair use of our Website and Software

  • - By using our Website and Software, you declare to be at least 18 years old.
  • - You may not use the Website and Software in such way that you violate the Dutch law or any other applicable laws and regulations.
  • - As a condition for using the Website and Software, you agree not to provide any information, data or content to us or the Website and Software that is incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete or that violates any law or regulation. In addition, you agree that you will not, nor allow third parties to
  • -- enter any non-public / secure areas of the Website or Software;
  • -- send viruses, worms, junk mail, spam, chain letters, unsolicited offers or ads of any kind and for any purpose;
  • -- investigate, scan or test the Website of Software or any other related system or network, or violate any security or authentication;
  • -- use any automated systems of software to withdraw data from the Website (“screen-scraping”);
  • -- make and distribute copies of the Website or Software;
  • -- attempt to sell, distribute, copy, rent, sub-license, loan, merge, reproduce, alter, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, transfer, exchange, translate, hack, distribute, harm or misuse the Website or Software;
  • - You may not create an account under someone else’s name or act like someone else in any other way.
  • - In case the account concerns a corporate account, only an authorized person is allowed to trade with the corporate account. It is the responsibility of the user of the corporate account that only authorized persons have access to the account.
  • - If you receive personal data or other sensitive information from other users, you will keep this information secret.
  • - Signal-Link is entitled to (temporarily or permanently) block your account and deny you access to the Website, if we suspect abuse of the account or the Website. We can also block your account or deny you access to the platform if you do not comply with these Terms, including conditions and policies referenced herein.


  • - Nothing in these Terms shall exclude or limit Signal-Links’s liability when it cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.
  • - Signal-Link is not liable to you for any (direct or indirect) damage you suffer as a result of the use of the Website or Software or the content provided thereon


  • - Users will indemnify, defend, and hold Signal-Link harmless from and against all liabilities, damages and costs (including settlement costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of third party claims regarding.
  • -- any injury or damages resulting from behaviour of User related to the use of our Website and Software; and
  • -- breach by User of these Terms or violation of any applicable law, regulation or order.
  • - Executed orders by Signal Link have to be cross checked at the exchange, that they are correct.
  • - Any loss of assets / money can not be replaced by Signal Link.


  • - Signal-Link reserves the right to change these Terms. When we change these Terms in a significant way, we will notify Users by newsletter (if User has provided us with his e-mail address to this end) and post a notification on our Website along with the updated Terms. By continuing to use the Website, you acknowledge the most recent version of these Terms.
  • - If we do not enforce (parts of) these Terms, this cannot be construed as consent or waiver of the right to enforce them at a later moment in time or against another User.
  • - User cannot transfer the rights and obligations from these Terms to third parties.

Beta Programm and Help

  • - There is a telegram community channel: "SignalLinkCommunity". Feel free to join.