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  • Why not do this from TradingView directly?

    Everything as you know it, just the Alerts from your drawings and studys goes directly to Binance.

  • How is it working?

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    • Does it work on stradegies / studies too? -yes
    • Does it work when my computer is offline? -yes, it´s running at the TradingView Server 24/7
    • Can i make adjustments from my mobile phone? -yes, you can move, delete or create new lines with the official TradingView app
    • Where is Signal-Link getting the data from? -it´s a build in solution from TradingView, nothing special here
    • Where is Signal-Link running? -it´s a serverless application running at the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Timeline and Roadmap

Project idea

After some trading sessions, there was it.
Not just painting in Trading View some lines, also trade these lines directly and / or automated.
Service must be always on - functions have to be in the cloud. Microsoft Azure are providing this for a fair pay-as-you-go model.


The core platform with serverless, geo-redundant databases, functions and other services like messaging and payments were designed at a large idea board.

Getting started

Finally the infrastructure was created in Azure.

Programming the core

The link function between Binance and Trading View is working stable.
Now everything is created to work with a multi-user-interface.


Splitting the user´s information to the two platforms (Azure DB and Trading View) will provide the most security.
If one is attacked, the data say´s nothing. Because it´s only the half information.
More informations at the api management page.

Programming the UI

A easy-to-use interface is comming online with functions like:

  • User information´s can be edited
  • Managing api informations
  • Link Generator to test the API
  • Generate the user based Trading View information
  • Access to lightweight logging informations and fee´s
  • Telegram messaging service

Running first test´s

  • Security
  • Speed
  • Stability
  • Scalability
  • API limitations
  • LOT-size calculation
  • Messaging service
  • Database performance
  • Accruing cloud costs
It´s not that fast at the moment. Depending at the order type, execution time is 3-6 seconds without caching.
Ok for mormal market-order trading. The downside is more, the calculation time in the cloud what´s creating unnecessary costs.
A stop-loss for buying and selling can be created automated as well.
Lots of space for improvements.


A request to German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority has been sent, to get this service official.
Replied after 2 weeks: possibile, but there are a lot´s of thinks and documents have been worked out.
Seems to be a mid-term objective so far. Keeping track on it.

Closed beta

For selected users.

User Interface

Improvements for showing whats going on and what to do at the webpage.

  • Service status

API explorer

Visualization of trading results and account data

Tax Calculation

Asign trades per drag and drop in pools for calculations


Add additional exchanges, there will be a voting.